The Light Of Business – Of Giving Back

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January 29, 2014
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October 8, 2014
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The Light Of Business – Of Giving Back

Can’t believe it’s already September! In the Philippines, Christmastime is just around the corner. Our last post was the Chinese New Year! Where have all the months gone by?

I often hear my wife say “It’s good to be busy,” and we have been busy these past months with family, the business, and deepening our experience as entrepreneurs. We can’t be more grateful for the blessings that came and continue to come.

Blessing #1. Welcome, Cheboy!

On 1 April, we finally gave our 15-year-old Proton  it’s long-due retirement. We thank Magic for being a very reliable car. We traveled Manila-Baguio, Baguio-Vigan, Baguio-La Union several times, hauled boxes of LED lights, even loaded her with 23 kilos of Baguio vegetables for pasalubong to our relatives and friends in Manila at one time, and of course drove our daughter to and fro school everyday on Magic. She was tireless and giving, reliable and trustworthy. Now she is in the hands of our nephew who knows how to take good care of her just as we did.

The important role of doing all these has been turned over now to our Cheboy – a 2.8 Duramax Chevy Colorado which is more suitable for our growing family and all the hauling our LED lighting and facility management business would require. We hauled 16 boxes altogether of LED Lights for Baguio Country Club and a new client, and High Bay Lights for Aboitiz Hedcor at one time and Cheboy seemed to have enjoyed the strain. Walang reklamo even if we have a very steep road where we live in Pucay Village in Baguio. The High Bay Lights were delivered to Hedcor’s Sabangan Sub-Station, and we feel a sense of accomplishment having helped bring lighting technology in that remote part of the Mountain Province.

Cheboy is special to us because he is our first  purchase as entrepreneurs. Moving from office-based workers to entrepreneurship was challenging for my wife and I as we said goodbye to the comforts of having a regular pay check.  Cheboy serves as a reminder that entrepreneurship allows us to path our own destiny. If we will it, we can achieve it. Indeed, it is about moving mountains.

Speaking of meeting entrepreneurs, our Blessing #2 is about meeting one stalwart entrepreneur who serves as our beacon of inspiration. Meet him below.

Blessing #2. A Once In A Lifetime Meeting with Singapore’s Mr. Patrick Liew

w Patrick Liew

18 August 2014 was truly a memorable date for us. I went to Manila to pick up GES 60-watts Street Lights for Hedcor that weekend and the whole bunch tagged along. My wife, who has been doing creative media work for Singapore business owners, received a WhatsApp message from one of her clients that Mr. Patrick Liew was in Manila and would like to meet with her.

Mr. Patrick Liew is the CEO and Chairman of HSR Global, a Singapore Stock Exchange listed real estate company, the biggest in Singapore. You can learn more about Mr. Liew here  Last year, my wife had the privilege of doing volunteer writing work for Patrick and his fellow business owners for the benefit of Yolanda typhoon victims. He was in Manila as the international guest speaker for a networking convention at the same time we were there for a visit. Wow. It was providential because Patrick did not know we lived 6 hours away from Manila. With arrangements for the care of our kids all done, and a quick trip to the department store for something decent to wear, we were set to meet one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the world the next day.

After the meeting, Patrick sent this WhatsApp message: “Both of you have what it takes to go far. Press on! I’ll be watching you.”

What an inspiration! Thank you, Patrick!

Blessing #3. Mountain Lodge Baguio

mountain lodge

Last August we also welcomed another client into our 8 Mountain Movers family! Mountain Lodge Baguio, owned and managed by Ms. Jeanine McCann Chan, placed their starting orders for GES bulbs and down lights. It is laudable that among many hotels and inns in Baguio, Mountain Lodge is one that is recognising the importance of energy efficient lighting technology and taking steps towards a more environment-friendly energy use. We admire Ms. Jeanine Chan for her vision and for seeing the benefits of switching to LED.

Blessing #4. StoryShare Baguio

Storyshare Baguio

We also welcome a new client referred to us by Ms. Chan, Baguio City’s StoryShare, an English language study institute catering to Japanese and Korean students. They are embarking on a massive switch to LED lighting on three waves for their facility. Another applause-worthy move by a responsible and environment-friendly institution. Thank you, StoryShare, for trusting us to be your LED lighting supplier and partner.

With this, we shall continue with our mission and vision for a better world where technology is not exploited at the expense of Mother Earth.

Finally, I end this post with a note from Mr. Patrick Liew, the entrepreneur who has touching lives and giving back deeply woven into the fabric of his being. We are grateful for entrepreneurship. We have taken small steps into building ourselves up as entrepreneurs to benefit our children and immediate family, and we, too, aspire to one day give back to society. Patrick Liew was right – Touch Lives and the rest will follow. But make money first! What a guiding light of inspiration which we will imbibe the rest of our entrepreneurial journey!

Thank you for your patronage, may we all see each other at the top so we may reach out to help others!

What’s Ahead: The Different LED Lighting Technologies. Stay tuned and know what you’re buying because not all LEDs are made equal!

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